Fraternal Health & Safety Initiative Materials

The educational modules provided as part of the Fraternal Health & Safety Initiative were not designed to be “one-and-done” programs, rather they are part of a comprehensive effort. The James R. Favor and Company and the FHSI Team are pleased to offer support materials as part of the ongoing commitment to the health and safety of our Consortium Members, and other affiliated undergraduates. We are providing tools for public use that are supplemental to our program areas on a variety of topics relevant to today’s fraternal experience. We believe that building lasting impressions is essential to sustaining a prevention effort.

Supplemental Resource Guide

The Supplemental Resource Guide (SRG) contains our guidance on facilitating a productive group process; tips for processing the activities; and stand-alone activities intended to expand on the messaging and learning outcomes provided within each of the program modules. Additionally, we recognize that practice does not always make perfect, but it does often make action(s) permanent. With this principle in mind, several activities contained within the SRG are designed to be facilitated by collegiate members, chapter officers, alumni(ae) advisors, campus-based professionals and/or fraternity/sorority staff members. It is our hope that these materials can aid in supporting our FHSI Consortium Members’ prevention framework, as well as keeping the host campuses where their chapters are chartered safer. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions about the materials provided.


  Mission, Confidentiality Statement, and Facilitation Guide Key 1

  Table of Contents 2


  Guidelines to Facilitate a Productive Group Process 3

  Ground Rules for All Activities 4

  Processing the Activities 5


  National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week/Month Program Ideas Resource 19


  Speak Up! Overview and Ordering Information 20

  Sexual Assault Awareness Month Program Ideas Resource 31

  Steps to Educate the Fraternal Community on Sexual Misconduct Resource 35

  Hosting “A Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” Campus-wide Event 34


  Event Monitor Training Activity 6

  Bystander Intervention Techniques Follow-up Roleplaying Activity 21

  “My Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper” Recognition Award Program 32


  National Hazing Prevention Week Program Ideas Resource 30

  Forced Choices Discussion Builder Activity 37


  Violence Prevention Case Study Activity 48

  Active Shooter|Killer Preparedness Education 63

Check back here for additional resources that we will add to this site as we continue to build upon the momentum of the FHSI.

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