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The Fraternal Health & Safety Initiative (FHSI) recognizes that for prevention to be done well it must consist of ongoing messaging, programming and discussions. None of these programs is designed to be a "one and done" method of delivery, rather there are resources for follow-up with participants and chapters to foster their engaged commitment. By offering both the Hazing Prevention and Intervention Programs, our goal is to engage members in a conversation starter and to be proactive in addressing positive, healthy membership experiences vested in a commitment to care for all members. To do so, the FHSI recognizes that chapters do not exist in a vacuum; rather they are a part of a larger community.  So, in designing the program the FHSI Advisory Panel and Consultant Staff incorporated a Campus Climate Perceptions Assessment to gain an understanding of whether the members perceive hazing behavior(s) are present on the campus. Both modules utilize research to debunk myths to allow the men to unlearn the perceived “positives” associated with hazing in an effort to establish a baseline for new learning. The modules are centered on the principle that most often hazing is a cultural issue; and, as such, it is the collective responsibility of all members to prevent it from happening.

Both programs feature pre-program and post-program assessments and a student participant workbook. With a focus on intervention techniques, both modules provide an opportunity for students to practice their intervention skills. A facilitator’s guide with an exclusive, complimentary PowerPoint® Deck is included for a more interactive facilitation.

How to Use the Materials

The Fraternal Health and Safety Initiative (FHSI) created best practices for our member fraternity and sorority chapters to use in their efforts to prevent hazing. These educational materials are designed both to assist chapters as a whole to address these issues and to assist individual members in their efforts to challenge their fellow chapter members in the planning and implementation of the chapter's new member education program.


Hazing Prevention
The Hazing Prevention program includes the following topics for discussion and reflection:•  Defining Organizational Culture and Values•  Defining Hazing and Breaking
Down Hazing Efficacy Myths
•  Values Congruence Discussion•  Moral Disengagement and Bystander Intervention•  Commitment against
Hazing moving forward
Hazing Intervention ProgramThe Hazing Intervention Program includes the following topics for discussion and reflection:•  Understanding the Impact of the Hazing Incident•  Defining Hazing and Breaking Down Hazing Efficacy Myths and the role Alcohol plays in Hazing•  Understanding the Laws and potential consequences of Hazing Behaviors•  New Member Education Mapping•  Moral Disengagement and
Bystander Intervention
•  Commitment against Hazing
moving forward








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