Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Providing for the safety and well-being of one another, their guests and friends is a core principle of leading with integrity for fraternity men. With the Federal Government, especially the White House, bringing the issue of sexual assault on a college campus to the forefront, we need to ensure that our fraternity men and sorority women are prepared to be leaders in preventing these incidents on their campuses. In March 2013, President Obama signed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) amendments to the Jeanne Clery Act into law. VAWA, originally known as the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act, requires that education be delivered on this topic annually. Government commissioned research used to inform Federal legislation on this topic shows that 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted while attending college. The Fraternal Health and Safety Initiative (FHSI) Consortium Members believe that fraternities and sororities are well-positioned to address the topic of sexual misconduct, assault, and relationship violence prevention from a values-based perspective.

Additionally, the FHSI recognizes that fraternity/sorority chapter members' involvement and associated status on campus provide the opportunity for them to serve as change agents on their campus. Taking a Stand: Preventing Sexual Misconduct on Campus challenges chapter members to recognize the warning signs and proactively intervene in situations where sexual misconduct may occur. Ninety percent of acquaintance rapes involve alcohol according to the National Collegiate Date and Acquaintance Rape Statistics; so, it is imperative that education about consent, event management and intervention be provided. The FHSI sexual misconduct module was designed to be compliant with the existing and new higher education requirements to address sexual violence on college campuses. The FHSI Consultant Staff is very committed to ensuring the Consortium Members are also aware of these changes. The FHSI Consultant Staff created a comprehensive set of materials including a research-based Sexual Misconduct Prevention Program in Taking a Stand: Preventing Sexual Misconduct on Campus and Web-Based Education to equip chapter members with the necessary tools to be leaders in prevention on this topic. You are invited to learn more about FHSI's use of the program by exploring Our Programming.

The additional information provided here is designed to support the FHSI's ongoing prevention efforts of the Consortium Member Fraternities' and Sororities' Education Programs. It details all of the basic information that chapter membership should be aware of and understand as prevention leaders on campus. This information can also be used by executive leadership or standards (accountability) committees as an educational sanction to address individual members’ actions to assist the chapter with intervention techniques.


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